Who we are

The Solar Powered Automated Rapid Transit Ascendant Network (SPARTAN) Superway is an ongoing research and development program started at San Jose State University by Dr. Burford Furman and Ron Swenson. Since 2012, SPARTAN Superway has been dedicated to providing a solution to traffic congestion with the goal of creating a low cost, zero emissions Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system. The research, design, and prototyping of this PRT system is currently being applied to urban environments with the goal of using renewable energy as a power source. Through PRT, the SPARTAN Superway is committed to alleviate society’s dependence on fossil fuels and vehicular transportation by creating a more efficient and low cost alternative transportation system.

Our engineers are currently developing core technologies that will highlight the feasibility of the SPARTAN Superway system. Each team is focused on developing one of a plethora of different technologies that include bogie, control systems, and a proprietary algorithm. We partner with San Jose State University to provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in renewable energy as well as prepare them for the engineering workforce of tomorrow. These students are able to provide expertise in different areas of the project as they come from a multitude of different programs and disciplines.

SPARTAN Superway is devoted to a transportation solution that is both flexible and sustainable in order to combat the increasing danger of climate change.