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Our clients enjoy the reliability of our mechanical systems and robustness of our software. We work closely together to ensure the best quality of service available in the market.

Our state-of-the-art simulation tools provide the most cost-efficient and reliable method to evaluate performance. They save the valuable time of our clients so they can focus on the design process.

Prototyping is the most important aspect of the design process. We provide cost-efficient prototyping methods and short turnaround time to save our clients’ valuable resources.

Personal Rapid Transit

One of our main services are for those clients who are in the PRT industry. Our teams will work with you on both the software and hardware aspects of PRT. We will also use our own testing facility to evaluate our clients’ designs. We proudly offer our three services and work with industry-leading companies in their fight for a sustainable future.

Mechanical Design

Our Mechanical Engineers are responsible for determining the constrains and mechanisms involved with the bogie, guide-way, and solar charging system. As of now, our engineers have succeeded in creating the first bogie prototype, and a scaled track with an inner loop. The future endeavors as of now are to move toward a multi-bogies system, as well as charging with sustainable energy.

Remote IoT

Our IoT experts focus on the software and hardware implementations of the PRT system. The team comprises of Embedded Systems Engineers, Web Developers, UI UX Designer and System Administrators, working together tirelessly to accelerate the implementation of PRT in urban environments around the globe. Our main focus is on neural-network based autonomous podcars that can reach their destinations in the most efficient way possible with zero human intervention.